Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies 🍪

This is my first attempt to bake a cookie. And so for my first try, it doesn’t achieve the perfect shaped of a cookie. But I assure you, the taste is oh-so-perfect! I made my own dough and mix some new ingredients. It’s the kind of a moist, soft, and chewy cookie. INGREDIENTS: 2 1/4… Continue reading Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies 🍪

Good Morning!

Oh. I just want to say thanks to all who visited this blog. Thank you for all the likes & love. I never thought that foreigners would read all my blog posts. I supposed that you are really into the Philippine Islands. Feel free to visit us. It’s more fun in the Philippines! And because… Continue reading Good Morning!

Seoul Kitchen

I’ve been searching a real authentic korean resto here in Laguna for a long time. Ayoko na nung mga fancy-fast food korean restaurants. Not because of its taste. I’m just looking for something better. Yung mafi-feel mo na nasa Korea ka kunwari. And I found a place that is quite not the typical korean resto inside… Continue reading Seoul Kitchen

Windmills of the South

I never thought that I could see a wind farm without going to Bangui, Ilocos Norte. SURPRISE! Pilillia Rizal now inherits the same kind of windmills in Bangui. The company which established the Bangui wind farm also operates the Pilillia wind farm. Pililla Windmills is on top of the hills with a scenic view of Laguna… Continue reading Windmills of the South

Wandering Around

I want to explore the Philippines (as much as I can). I am fond of reading travel blogs. Wandering and hoping I could set my foot in many destinations locally and in international. Some of the blogs that caught my wandering mind: The Poor Traveler Oh my gosh! This beautiful guys are “Oh so amazing!”… Continue reading Wandering Around

Preparing to start a new beginning

Yes, indeed! I am preparing now to start a new beginning. Years pass by so quickly. And as I said, I am now preparing for another chapter of my life… 3 months from now. And I would like to share new experiences by having this blog. I used to be a blogger (at tumblr) long before… Continue reading Preparing to start a new beginning