Seoul Kitchen

I’ve been searching a real authentic korean resto here in Laguna for a long time. Ayoko na nung mga fancy-fast food korean restaurants. Not because of its taste. I’m just looking for something better. Yung mafi-feel mo na nasa Korea ka kunwari.

And I found a place that is quite not the typical korean resto inside the malls.

Seoul K
Seoul Kitchen can be found at F.O. Santos St., Los Baños Laguna. Malapit sya sa gate ng UPLB.

map to SK
They have a wide set of Korean foods, mainly 법 (bap=rice) menus. They also have teas & frappes. Here are the menu:

img_1877-1  img_1878-2The menus have descriptions for the customers’ familiarization on what will be served to them.

We’ve ordered bibimbap (yun ang hanap namin eh) and I want a frappe but I don’t know what to order so I asked the crew what’s the best seller. And he said, “Try nyo po yung LOVE SPELL” and I replied, “Wala naman gayuma yun?” He just smiled. Mejo KJ si kuya. Nagjojoke ako, di man lang tumawa. So, ayun. I ordered it naman. Wait daw ng 10-15mins for the food. Kaya ayun, picture-picture muna.


Puro Korean MVs yung pineplay nila sa background. Syempre, korean resto nga eh. The place is a bit spacious. Marami namang tables. Na-achieve naman nung place na mapa-feel sakin that I’m in Korea.

SI like this stuff on their wall. Ang cute lang. It’s a collage of maybe the owner’s memorabilia of his trip to Korea. Natuwa lang ako, gusto ko gayahin.

OKAY! 10 mins have passed (assumed time ko lang, busy ako kakatingin sa place, di ko namalayan oras). Our food is here!


Yeaaaah~ pati yung table puno ng memorabilia from Korea. Yung lagayan ng tubig, parang lagayan ng wine nila or something. Which is a bit cool for me.

 Bibimbap = Bibim (Mixed) + Bap (Rice)

They served the food hot. I tasted the kimchi first cause I wanna see if masarap yung pagkakagawa nila ng kimchi. And t’was amazingly good unlike the kimchis na nabibili or na-oorder sa mall. The bibimbap tasted authentic with its chilli paste. Medyo maliit nga lang yung egg compare sa dami ng vegetable and rice. Medyo bland din taste nung egg, parang walang salt pero busolved naman!

And the Love Spell frappe. It was a berry. I guess it is a raspberry. And yes! It has a magical effect. Alam nyo yung candy nung bata pa tayo, yung naputok sa dila? Parang meron sya nun.


img_1449-1My food buddy

Overall, Seoul Kitchen is great. Nabusog kame talaga. Will we comeback? Definitely YES! Titikman pa namin yung iba though the price is a bit pricey compare to the price range na inooffer around the vicinity.


And before the story ends…

Pag labas namin ng resto, there is a guy there. As I see him, busy sya playing with his phone but when he sees as, he managed to thank us for coming and give us a kind gesture. I guess he is the owner.


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